1. Last minute portrait.


  2. Under the over.

    Mohammedali Road, January 2014.


  3. You’re never alone in Bombay.

    Cuffe Parade, December 2010.


  4. Blacks and whites on opposites sides.

    Colaba Causeway, December 2013.

    Reminds me a bit of this one.


  5. The past, the present, and the future.

    January 26th, 2014 - Miss Lovely, playing at Imperial Cinema.

    Enjoy it while it lasts folks.

    (I really mean that)


  6. What a load of shit.

    (For the Jan-Feb 2014 issue of Terra Eco magazine)

    A story about the practise of manual scavenging in Gujarat.


  7. September, 2012.

    Selection from an interiors shoot of an office in Bandra for (talented) designer Karishma Bhatia.


  8. Swings and misses.

    Ahmedabad, December 2013.


  9. On the trail from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan. Nepal, February 2012.

    This is Roald, named so for her slightly vulpine appearance (yes, it’s contrived).

    She joined us at a junction and walked along for several hours in that curious yet aloof manner that mountain strays have (after they’ve given up being friendly when they find out you’ve got no food).

    I’m not sure how they knew (there was another one, he was golden), but they trotted off ahead of us at the junction, picking the right path, and leading the way. They’d run off ahead, then pause… looking back and waiting till we caught up, then run off ahead again… every so often disappearing to investigate a butterfly or a bush or some faint sound of doggie interest.

    It was nice company to have.


  10. Lamu Island, February 2011.


  11. Patience is a virtue.


  12. A school in Panjim.

    Goa, October 2013.


  13. 42 degrees.


  14. Shadow and shade.

    Hyderabad. September, 2012.


  15. Boys will be boys.

    Sanganer, Jaipur. March, 2013.